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This page will contain
Livestream Videos
of Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals
and other special celebrations

Funeral Mass for
Ave Maria-Clarke Wimpenny
17 July 2021

Funeral Mass for

Wardell Vincent Walters

12 June 2021

Funeral Mass for Ken Girard

6 March 2021

Funeral Mass for Réginald Lahaie
13 November 2020
Homily / Homélie

Thanksgiving Liturgy and Staff Commissioning for

Our Lady of Fatima and

Our Lady of Lourdes

Catholic Schools

14 October 2020

Funeral Mass for
Joan Johnson
10 July 2021

Funeral Mass for

Myrtle De Young

13 April 2021

First Reconciliation

10 December 2020

Messe funèbre en memoire de

Claude Cloutier

17 October 2020

Homily / Homélie